So what’s this all about then?

So it all started one sunny day in August 2014, with a wonderful day of fun and frolics with family, friends….and a registrar! Following our marriage, a delightful union of best friends, lovers, martial artists and dreamers-our plan gathered momentum-we were going to be selling all of our worldly possessions, giving up our jobs, and heading out into the world proper to try and gather further perspective on life. Our travels began in October 2014 in South East Asia, and have since brought us to where we are today-Latin America!

We had a few targets, we wanted to try training martial arts in many new places, so far we have only managed Thai boxing in Thailand, Khmer boxing in Cambodia, Capoeira and boxing in Chile-it transpires that it’s far more difficult to train when you travel than you would think! Our other major goal was to try to learn some more ‘life skills’, things that would enable to us really be able to live without reliance on corporations and packaged food. Farming, construction, maintenance, ‘fixing things’, carpentry, sustainability, aquaponics, edible forests….I could go on and on, the list is quite significant-the main gist of what you need to know is that we’re working out how we’re going to live once our travels finish-and at the moment that is looking like some land in Bulgaria and some sort of sustainable living project…

So anyway, this blog is a continuation, truth be told I ran out of space for media on my first WordPress site, and I haven’t budgeted for paying for a website-so you can see what went before at AdventureCouple. There the journey takes you from our humble beginnings in Leicester, to the arid dryness of the Atacama Desert.

From there you come here-Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, back to Argentina, the Amazon, home and beyond…..





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